Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

Chocolate Coconut Bars | This is so good...Today I am sharing a recipe for a treat that combines two of my favorite ingredients – dark chocolate and coconut!  This recipe is easy to put together and will help satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard in the sugar department.  These Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars have a coconut layer that is creamy with a little crunch and they are covered in a silky dark chocolate – oh boy…so good.

This is a treat that both your real foodie friends and those that are a little less particular will enjoy.  I’ve made these for family parties and for picnics and they get devoured!  It feels like an indulgent treat with that beautiful layer of chocolate, but outside of the sugar in the chocolate, there is no additional added sweetener.  If you purchase a high quality, soy-free, organic dark chocolate like this one, you can feel good about this treat, knowing that you are not over-doing it in the sugar department.

As mentioned above, these Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars are a great dessert option to bring to any gathering.  If you are looking for a few other chocolate treats to round out that dessert platter I have two other crowd pleasers that you might want to check out: Dark Chocolate Bark Three Ways (Cranberry Pistachio, Cranberry Apricot Walnut, and Toasted Coconut with Hazelnuts and Sea Salt) or Chocolate Covered Nut Butter Cups!  Can you imagine a pretty dish filled with all of these chocolate treats?!

A quick note on my favorite products used for Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

Please use a high quality chocolate for this dessert.  This is my favorite brand to use as it gives the bars a lovely, glossy chocolate layer.  Four simple ingredients, but amazing flavor!

Tropical Traditions is my go-to source for all things coconut.  All of the coconut products used in this recipe were purchased through them.  Their coconut products are all tested for Glyphosate and the quality is second to none.

I hope you’ll hop over to Delicious Obsessions and check it out (see recipe here)!


Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars are a crowd pleasing treat! Made with high quality dark chocolate and good for you coconut, these bars feel like an indulgence! | This is so good...

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