Vanilla Maca Latte (Dairy-free and Caffeine-Free)

Vanilla Maca Latte (Dairy-free, Caffeine-free, Paleo, Vegan, Herbal Coffee) | This is so good...Today I am sharing one of my favorite hot beverages – a Vanilla Maca Latte!  This latte is dairy-free and caffeine-free and is made with some of my favorite ingredients.  If you haven’t yet read my posts on How and Why I Quit Coffee and All About Maca, make sure to read up after checking out today’s recipe.  This Vanilla Maca Latte not only tastes great but is good for your adrenals too!

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Are you on Pinterest?  We are and I have a Delicious Drinks Board featuring fun beverages like to the one I shared above.  Head over and check it out!


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