Using Pumpkin in Savory Dishes (22 Recipes to Try)

Using Pumpkin in Savory Dishes (22 Recipes to Try) | This is so good...

I’m a huge pumpkin fan!  Make fun of the pumpkin spice craze if you must, but I am a card carrying member of team pumpkin.

Of course I love pumpkin desserts of all kinds, but I also love using pumpkin in savory dishes.  If you haven’t experimented with pumpkin outside of making desserts, you need this round-up!  Today I’m sharing 22 recipes that use pumpkin in savory dishes.  From roasting your own pumpkins for puree to soups and chili, I have you covered in this post!

Head over to Delicious Obsessions to get the full list and start enjoying pumpkin in all of you meals!

Do you enjoy pumpkin in savory dishes?  What is you favorite recipe?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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