Ten Must Have Gifts for Any Foodie’s Kitchen

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Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...Maybe it’s just because I love to cook, but it seems to me that more and more people are getting on the home cooked meal bandwagon.  Home cooks are experimenting with new flavors and new tools to create restaurant worthy meals.  Today’s post is my top ten must have gifts for any foodie’s kitchen.  And don’t worry, I’ve included gifts at every price point!

Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...1.)  Quality Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar – Home cooks and chefs of every ability level appreciate high quality ingredients.  The only olive oil I use in my kitchen is Kasandrinos Olive Oils.  The are imported from Greece and are 100% olive oil.  I love how transparent this company is about their products and the processing methods.  The taste is second to none and each bottle is dated, so you know exactly when it was processed.  Kasandrinos recently added Balsamic vinegars to their lineup.  A bottle of each would be a wonderful present.  I gave bottles of olive oil as Christmas gifts last year and they were very well received!  You can receive 10% off your entire order with the coupon code: GOODHOME

Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...


2.)  Vitamix Blender – This one is a splurge, but if you have someone special in mind or are looking for a group gift, I highly recommend my Vitamin blender.  This is the workhorse of my kitchen.  Of course it makes amazing smoothies, but it will also pump out the silkiest, creamiest soups, puree veggies and fruits in an instant, make delicious nut butters in seconds, and whip up marinades in no time.  It cleans up in a snap and looks sharp on my countertop.  I love this blender.



Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...3.)  Instant Pot – This one is on my wish list for this year!  I love my slow cooker, but it’s a little small and I love to batch cook so I can have leftovers for later in the week or to stock my freezer.  The beauty of the Instant Pot is that it is not only a slow cooker, but it’s also a pressure cooker, rice cooker, and yogurt maker!  You can sauté veggies and brown your meat right in the pot, so no cleaning a frying pan.  Fingers crossed that I find one under the Christmas tree!


Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...4.)  Pretty Glass Bottles and Jars – I have 8 of these flip-top bottles in my kitchen for storing my home-brewed kombucha and herbal teas. They are very well constructed with secure lids. Mine are all clear, but they come in a bunch of fun colors too!  Match the recipients kitchen with a fun color choice!  And any real foodie’s kitchen has to be well-stocked with Mason jars, right?  Why not have some fun with the jars and buy them in a beautiful color?  Fill them up with some homemade granola or spiced nuts for the perfect gift!

Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...5.)  Cookbooks – I could list about a hundred books here, but I’ll stick to my favorites.  In my opinion, there are three books that should be in every cook’s kitchen.  These books are not necessarily Paleo or gluten-free, but they are classics and offer home cooks information and recipes on the basics all the way up to classic dishes.  First up is the Joy of Cooking.  I use this book fairly often for guidance on basic kitchen skills and for the framework of classic recipes that I would like to re-work.  This is just a must-have and makes a great gift for someone getting started in the kitchen.


Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...Next, I highly recommend Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child.  I asked for this box set after seeing the fantastic movie Julie and Julia (and if you or your foodie friends have not yet seen this movie, do it – it’s so good!!).  The books are beautifully done with illustrations accompanying the recipes.  Truthfully, I will probably never tackle many of the dishes in these books, but there are several that I will and they are a wonderful reference for classical French cooking and baking.



Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...This last book, Nourishing Traditions, is perfect for real foodies, but I think it would be a nice addition to any kitchen.  All chefs and home cooks should be familiar with making traditional ancestral dishes and with techniques like making your own sauerkraut or cottage cheese.  This book makes these dishes and techniques easily accessible and fun to learn.  The side notes in each chapter are full of interesting and fun facts about the history of food.  This is a great resource for any kitchen.



Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...6.)  Cookbook Holder – I have this cookbook holder and love it.  It folds flat when not it use, so I can tuck it in a drawer.  After flipping it open, it will accommodate any cookbook, thick or thin and protect the pages from splatters with an acrylic shield.  The acrylic wipes down easily.  It would be fun to pair this cookbook holder with a few of the cookbooks mentioned above!

Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...7.)  Wusthof Gourmet 7-inch Santoku Knife – I have two of these knives, that is how much I love them.  I use them for everything.  When I’m in a cooking frenzy, I’ll have one dedicated to cutting meat and another for my herbs and vegetables.  They feel great in my hand, are easy to manipulate, and are not overly heavy.  I think this knife would be perfect for anyone who is looking to upgrade their kitchen tools!

Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...8.)  Spyderco Tri-Angle Knife Sharpener Kit – When my husband first bought this knife sharpening kit, I didn’t have high hopes for it.  But I have completely changed my tune – this set rocks!  My knives are so sharp after he runs them through this set, that they feel better than they did when I first bought them.  Don’t let the funky look turn you off.  This set is worth every penny!



Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...9.)  Herbal Teas and Brewing Accessories – Mountain Rose Herbs makes some amazing herbal tea blends.  Some of my favorites are Vanilla Rooibos, Firefly Chai Tea, 5th Chakra Tea, and Peace Tea.  They come beautifully packaged, but you could also transfer them to one of the beautiful Mason Jars I mentioned above to make them even more special.  Add a tea infuser and a pretty mug and you have a beautiful gift!

10.)  Beautiful Kitchen Linens – I love Etsy for gifts like these.  Store bought is nice, but handmade is so much more special.  Search for some placemats and napkins to match the recipients kitchen or dining room or maybe some high quality linen dish towels.  Maybe a cute apron and matching oven mitts.  Any of these items will make the foodie in your life a happy camper as he/she prepares a weekday meal or plans for a dinner party!

Did this list of Ten Must Have Gifts for Any Foodie’s Kitchen help you figure out what to get for the food lover in your life?  Hopefully something here sparked your interest and will provide you with the perfect gift!

Top Ten Gifts for Any Foodie's Kitchen | This is so good...

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