Sparkling Cranberry Orange Ginger Mocktail

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Sparkling Cranberry Orange Ginger Cocktails are a delicious addition to any holiday party and can be made with an optional probiotic punch! | This is so good...Winter party season is upon us!  There is so much fun to be had and along with all those good times comes lots of holiday themed goodies.  Just because you choose to eat real food doesn’t mean that you cannot indulge here and there when out with friends or celebrating with family.  Just make smart choices!  For me, that means choosing a Sparkling Cranberry Orange Ginger Mocktail over some spiked punch or store bought eggnog.

I make this choice for two reasons.  First of all, I love to eat.  I would rather save some calories by avoiding alcohol, so that I can indulge in a second helping or another treat!  Secondly, when I decided to make a serious effort to heal my gut, I researched what that glass of wine was doing to my digestive tract and the answer made me think twice.  Alcohol can lead to increased gut permeability, leading to leaky gut.  It has also been linked to an increased incidence of SIBO.

Whether or not you choose to include alcohol in your diet is a personal choice.  Either way, I think this Sparkling Cranberry Orange Ginger Mocktail makes a fun and festive addition to your holiday spread that everyone can enjoy!  For an added probiotic punch, make this with kombucha in place of the sparkling water – yummy and good for your tummy!

To get the recipe, head over to Delicious Obsessions, where you can find this guest post.  Enjoy!


Sparkling Cranberry Orange Ginger Cocktails are a delicious addition to any holiday party and can be made with an optional probiotic punch! | This is so good...What is your favorite Holiday beverage?  Tell me about it in the comments!

Looking for more real food options for your Christmas or New Year’s gatherings?  Some of my favorites include Spiced Nuts (Five-Spice Pistachios, Chili Lime Almonds, and Curried Cashews), Dark Chocolate Bark Three Ways ( Cranberry Pistachio, Apricot Cranberry Walnut, and Toasted Coconut with Hazelnuts and Sea Salt), and Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars.

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  1. This looks great. Thanks so much for linking up to Simply Natural Saturdays!

  2. Yummy! This looks delicious!

  3. This sounds so good! I love this flavor combo! Pinned + tweeted.

  4. I bought cranberries yesterday so we can try this!

  5. Oh! I’m going to make this! Thank you!

  6. I am heading out to get some cranberries

  7. Ohhh what a great idea! Would love to give these a go one day!

  8. This sounds delicious! I just so happen to have some cranberries and some kombucha… 😉 Thanks for sharing it at Savoring Saturdays!

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