How to make a mango (or any fruit for that matter) taste even better!

Mmm... sweet mango and tangy lime!

On our recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Alex and I ate A LOT of fruit.  Our bodies craved fresh, sweet flavors after playing in the sun all day.  We noticed almost every time we were served fruit, there were cut up limes to accompany it.  Fresh squeezed lime juice over fruit is AMAZING!  Try it, you will not be sorry.  We love mangos, and couldn’t get enough of them while in Mexico.  A cut up mango with fresh lime juice was our dessert last night and it was oh so good…

This is so simple it’s not really a recipe, but so delicious that you have to try it!  Let me know what you think!

Fruit with Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice


  • Fresh fruit of your choice, cut up (suggestions: mango, papaya, banana, melon, pineapple)
  • A lime , cut into small wedges

What to do:

Assemble the fruit on a plate, decorate with lime wedges, serve.  When ready to eat, squeeze as much lime juice as you want over the fruit.  Enjoy!

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